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Large Size Fittings

Large Size Fittings

As one of the company specialized in producing PE, electro fusion fittings, and plastic pipe fusion equipments, songjiang, Jilin company is the first enterprise works on technology studying and production exploiting of plastic pipe connection, and they have abundant experience in this field.
In order to satisfy various demands from the clients, we have developed new arrives such as the series of PE large size polypropylene fittings.

1. Injection molding reducing (maximum caliber 1000mm)
2. Injection molding 90 degree bend (maximum caliber 630mm)
3. Injection molding three direct links (maximum caliber630mm)
4. Injection molding end cap (maximum caliber 1000mm)
5. Electro-fusion sleeve (maximum caliber80mm)
These products were made of advanced raw materials, its production technology and inspection methods are in accordance with national standards. It can be widely used in water supply, chemical engineering, mining and so on.

Large Size Injection Molding Fittings
Large Size Injection Molding Reducer Fittings
Large Size Electro-fusion Sleeve Fittings
Large Size 90 Degree Bend

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