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Butt Fusion Fittings for Water

Butt fusion fitting for water is used mostly for transporting water. Our fitting is made up of PE80 and PE100 materials. The kind hot-melt pipe fittings is safe, reliable, and because the materials are completely non-toxic and with high-resistance to chemicals. Our butt fusion fitting goes through related tests including Dumbbell Test, Peel Decohesion Test, and Crashing Decohesion Test. This kind butt fusion fitting for water can be used under the temperature from -40°C to 40°C. We can provide consumers with different size fusion fittings, especially the big size ones, from 400mm to 1,200mm. 

Spigot Reducer: 20mm-1000mm
Spigot 90° Elbow: 40mm-630mm
Spigot 45° Elbow: 40mm-400mm
Spigot Reducing Tee: 50*40mm-630*315mm
Flange Stub: 1200mm
Spigot Pipe Plug: 20mm-400mm

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