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Siphonic and Drainage Fitting

This fitting can improve the drainage of kitchen and toilet. The whole system of this siphoned and drainage fitting includes HDPE sewage fittings and pipes, concealed cistern, floor drains and trap and flush control plate.

The traditional ground siphoned and drainage fitting has various shortcomings, such as the drainage exchange of the up and down stairs, the odor exposed from floor drains, sewers, the hidden dangers of water leakage and many other problem. This siphoned and drainage fitting on the wall makes the drainage of kitchen and toilet reach a new height. It can solve the above problems and make the substantial savings of water.

Jilin Songjiang Smart Joint Co., Ltd is the first manufacturer to develop siphoned and drainage fitting in China. We offer products in various fields: water and gas supplying, dewatering, irrigation and sewage treatment. In addition to this siphoned and drainage fitting, we also provided Electrofusion Fitting for Gas, PE Metal Transitional Fitting for Gas, Electro-fusion Fitting for Water, Water and Mining Flange Adapter, Irrigation Fittings, Large Size Fittings, Fusion Machine (Butt Fusion and Electro-Fusion as well as Accessories), etc. Our products have exported to Australia, Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Libya, Malaysia, the United States, New Zealand, Iran, Israel, Chile and Japan, etc.
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