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Electro Fusion Fittings For Gas

Electro-Fusion Fittings For Gas

Electro fusion fitting for gas is a special fusion fitting for transporting gas only. They are also known as PE plastic pipe fittings. This kind electro fusion fitting is made up from the high-quality imported PE100 materials. The PE100 owns stronger pressure-resistant and it is also much safer and reliable. The copper wires are adopted. They are heated up to a required temperature through an electric current. The cost can be reduced because fewer fittings are used and the channel becomes narrower. We produce both black and orange electro fusion fittings for gas.

Conform to standard: prEN1555-5, GB15558.2-2005
Electro fusion Coupler: 20mm-400mm
Electro fusion 90°Elbow: 25mm-200mm
Electro fusion 45°Elbow : 40mm-160mm
Electro fusion Reducer: 32×25mm-160×110mm
Electro fusion Equal Tee: 25mm-160mm
Electro fusion Reducing Tee: 25×20mm-200×110mm
Electro fusion Saddle: 110×63mm-315×63mm
Electro fusion Tapping: 110×63mm-315×63mm

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