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Electro Fusion Fittings is achieved by connecting a plastic (polyethylene) pipe fittings can be generated by the current temperature and melt.

Construction supporting tools:

PE pipe: pipe cutting machine; grinding machine (polished), markers; fused welder (according to ISO12176-2)
Remarks: to install PSP pipe: pipe cutting machine; trimming knife grinding machine (polished), markers; fusion units (according to ISO12176-2)

Install and use the steps of:

1.Vertical cutting pipe, the electro fusion fitting socket to position scraper to remove the surface oxide layer.
2. in accordance the electrofusion fittings socket depth with a marker on the pipe surface to be marked line.
3. pipe into the the electro fusion pipe until the depth of the marking line, the axis of the pipe after installation coincides with the electro-fusion fittings.
The pipes and fittings by clamps fixed to prevent dislocation and loosening of the welding process.


Installation the electro fusion fitting wall and pipe welding area non-organic matter and other substances.
Welding pipe fittings must be kept away from the welding pipe fittings, until the completion of the the welding cooling 30S, before the close.
According to changes in temperature and the working voltage of the on-site environment. Welding may be appropriate to compensate for the welding time.
Entered in accordance with the requirements of the electrofusion matching power electrofusion power distance farther, require the larger diameter of the power cord, in order to avoid under-voltage affect the welding quality.
Pipe installation, elbow, tee fittings must be prepared to buttress reinforcement bracket and appropriate to the piped compensation.
Pipe landfill must be below the permafrost, trench installation and welding can not be immersed in water pipes.
7 when the temperature is low, the welding electro fusion fittings must do insulation work.
8 temperature difference between day and night work in the larger environment, must be fixed electro fusion fittings on both sides of the pipe the centralizer and other tools, from thermal expansion and contraction affect the quality of welding.
9. During the cooling process can not move the pipes and fittings.

Welder wiring Reference:

Welder Model Power Requirements Power Line (GB) Remarks
Oriental 3KW welder single-phase 220V 4 mm * 74 cable two-wire connection into a first-line divided into two groups
Oriental 5KW welder single-phase 220V 6 mm * 4 cable two-wire connection into a first-line divided into two groups
Force up to 11KW welder two-phase 380V 6 mm * 4 cable line and a line divided into two groups connected
The Zhengwei 9kw welder three-phase 380V 4 mm * 3 cable
Zhengwei 15KW welder three-phase 380V 6 mm * 3 cable