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PE Metal Transitional Fitting for Gas

PE Metal Transitional Fitting for Gas

PE metal transitional fitting for gas is used for transporting gas only. Our steel transition fitting is practical, reliable and distinctive. It has gained the national patent. This kind of fitting can be used for 50 years for its thicker metal pipe and high-quality PBE coating. The PE metal transitional fitting for gas is designed in embedding style. This embedding style provides the fitting with enough magnitude of interference, which not only makes the interface get better air tightness, but also prevents it from putting off and bending. The caliber of the largest PE metal transitional fitting we produce is up to 450mm.  

Conform to standard GB 26255.1-2011
ISO 10838-1: 2000(E)
ISO 10838-2: 2000(E)
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The transitional fitting for gas include:
1. Straight-Pipe Welded transitional fitting
2. Straight-Pipe transitional fitting
3. Internal Wire transitional fitting
4. Elbow transitional fitting

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