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Large Size Injection Molding Reducer Fittings

This fittings is made though high impact strength, fairly high heat distortion and excellent molding and extrusion. Injection molding threaded fittings can be available in standard sizes. Large size injection molding reducer fittings can be up to 4 inches in the form of TIS. We also provide 45 degree elbows, 90 degree elbows, unions, couplings, reducer couplings, flanges;

1. Large size injection molding reducer fittings are light.
2. This reducer fittings feature corrosion, biological and chemical resistant.
3. In addition, it has superior flow characteristics.
4. Heat fusion joining for a leak proof system.

Jilin Songjiang Smart Joint Co., Ltd is the first manufacturer to develop large size injection molding reducer fittings in China. We offer products in various fields: water and gas supplying, dewatering, irrigation and sewage treatment. In addition to this large size injection molding reducer fittings, we also provided Electrofusion Fitting for Gas, PE Metal Transitional Fitting for Gas, Electro-fusion Fitting for Water, Water and Mining Flange Adapter, Irrigation Fittings, Drainage Fittings, Large Size Fittings, Fusion Machine (Butt Fusion and Electro-Fusion as well as Accessories), etc. Our products have exported to Australia, Brazil, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Libya, Malaysia, the United States, New Zealand, Iran, Israel, Chile and Japan, etc.
Dn(mm) Dn(mm)
450*400 630*500
500*400 630*560
500*450 710*630
560*400 800*630
560*450 800*710
560*500 900*800
630*400 1000*800
630*450 1000*900
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