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Butt Fusion Machine

FM250C FM315C Butt Fusion Machine

This fusion machine can be used for pipe to pipe and pipe to fitting welding. It is composed of voltmeter, temperature controller, emergency stopper, and sockets for facer, heater and hydraulic unit in storage shelf and electric control box. This FM 250C FM 315C fusion machine works include 3 stages: facing, heating and welding. This kind of machine is planning to be sold to USA and America market.

1. FM 250C FM 315C butt fusion machine adopts USA hydraulic 3-phase control. Hydraulic control unit is installed on the body of machine.
2. The body of thermo fusion welding machine is equipped with 4 sets of clamp and different sizes inserts and hydraulic cylinders. It can be moved from the bottom. In addition, FM 250C FM 315C butt fusion machine is matched with wheels for easy transportation.
3. Heater is coated with Teflon.
4. Temperature controller on the heater can control the temperature precisely. It can be placed in the storage shelf when off work.
5. Facer is motivated by electric motor to mill the pipe ends. It is attached to the spindle on the base machine.
6. Please turn off the motor when fusion finished.

Technical Parameter

Item FM-250C FM-315C
Pipe Range Φ250-Φ110 Φ315-Φ110
Power Supply 1-phase 220V 1-phase 220V
Heater Power 1.8KW 2.2KW
Facer Power 0.75kW 0.75kW
Hydraulic Power 1.1KW 1.1KW
Total Power 3.65KW 4.05KW
Environ. Temp. 10℃~45℃ 10℃~45℃
Heater Temp. Rise 20-30Min 20-30Min
Pressure Range 0-7Mpa 0-7Mpa
Hydraulic Surface 1298mm² 954mm²

Packing Information

Item FM-250C FM-315C
Standard Insert Φ200, Φ160,  Φ110 ,  Φ90 Φ250, Φ200, Φ160,  , Φ110, Φ90
Optional Insert (IPS insert supplied on request) Φ180,  Φ140,  Φ125, Φ75 Φ225, Φ180, Φ140,  Φ125
Components Base Machine, Facer, Heater, Inserts, Electric control box Base Machine, Facer, Heater, Inserts, Electric control box
Packing Size 1460*930*1015  780*525*495 1610*1050*1120 780*540*575
Total G.W 203KG 271KG
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